Monday, August 26, 2013

My TOP 10 Project Life Videos

I am in full on "nesting" mode. I have rearranged little man's closet three times. His room is almost completely done (I went with a "world traveler" theme- it's very pintrest worthy, and will share once he is born!). I've organized my hard drive where I keep all my photos and now I've organized my social networks... when does it stop?!

I was thinking, I have 29 videos posted on my youtube page DEDICATED to project life.. I feel as though I should pay homage to them somehow. I LOVE making videos.. but since we've moved to the country, our satellite internet service just wouldn't cut it, which was the WHOLE reason I decided to be a blogger instead! We are supposedly getting real internet.. I hope by January of 2014 but we will see.

SO! Here is a list of my top 10 videos:

1. What is Project Life?
By far one of my most watched videos! It's long by youtube standards, but it's basically the reason I started using project life and why I will probably NEVER go back to traditional scrapbooking!

2. How I scrapbook my Christmas Cards 2011
Do you save your holiday cards? Me too, and it was bulking up my albums! Here is a great solution!
3. How I Lay Out Project Life Pages
Only 5 minutes long, this basically shows my process of laying out my project life pages. It's nothing fancy, but some people aren't sure how to go about it!
4. My Nightly Project Life Routine
I no longer do this EXACTLY, but this is good for the beginner to see :)

5. EASY Thanksgiving scrapbook "layout"
Showing off why project life is so darn easy. I love inserts, and use them frequently in my albums!
6. Print Your Own Journaling Cards
Many subscribers asked, so I put together a "how to" for printing your own cards
Just an update on my album. After recording this, I had to finish one of the pages so the follow up video is here: My Type A Personality Kicked In

8. Thank You Marcy Penner!
I STILL use and love her planning pages, they make things so much easier!
9. Have YOU ever felt GUILTY about scrapbooking?
I made this video to be honest about where I was at that time. Most people out there cannot keep up with the weekly version of project life, and instead "catch up" in blocks of time. And that's OK!
10. Setting Up Project Life
Just my method of setting up a new project life album!

And if that's not enough, here are two awesome bonus videos on how I organize my photos and in general!

These videos are truly nothing fancy, but they've helped a lot of people get started with project life! I hope you enjoy watching them! 

Happy Crafting!

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