Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our World Traveler Nursery

He's due any day now, so I figured I can finally share a few shots of the nursery :)

We went with a "old world" or "world traveler" theme for a few reasons. First, I wanted a theme that would grow with him.. what 3 year old boy wouldn't love maps and planes and sailboats? The second reason is that we are sailors, and it is a hobby we both very much enjoy. My husband also enjoys flying (full size and model) airplanes. Plus, we enjoy travelling so that's a bonus. 

I think I'll post some before photos so you have an idea of what we were working with..

Pale Yellow was just not going to work.. neither was that fan...

We chose the lower blue- I didn't want a crazy bright room!

We chose to paint the walls instead of replacing them.. we will eventually drywall everything but time and money were inhibiting factors...
So after many weekends, weeknights, shopping trips and craigslist searches, we are pretty much finished! The closet doors aren't done, so I'll hold off on photos of that for now. In the meantime..

His nursery is officially my favorite room in the house. I just sit in that chair and rock sometimes.. imagining how our life will change, how this room will welcome a newborn. 

We are so excited he will be here soon! 

Happy family time :)

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