Monday, August 17, 2015

Whoa. That went fast.

Wow, how life has changed.

I began this blog with such good intent! Now, I barely have time to go grocery shopping. Or pee alone. I know you veteran mommies are snickering at me- but I swear for some reason I thought I'd be able to sneak in some blogging time. I was wrong.

Those eyes get me every time. 

Fast forward to now. My Little Man is about to turn TWO! He's amazing and crazy and wonderful and typical for a toddler- and I love him now more than ever. I could write a post just on the crazy feelings you go through as a new parent (I still might) but let's just say that we have been into the best "routine" yet and things seem to be more normal. The husband and I have a decent routine amongst eachother and with him and it works well... and he sleeps all night which has made life so much easier. The only trouble is that husband and I basically work opposite shifts, spare 4-5 days a month, so we are both acting as single parents for many nights since we work longer 12 hour shifts. It's hard, but we have plans in motion to change that next year.

Little Man and Mommy around his first birthday
Copyright Lydia L Photography
Mommy's Superhero

And speaking of plans, we're adding another little one to our brood! A Little Lady this time, which means lots of remodeling since our house wasn't quite ready for a second child. I hope to post those photos soon. She'll be here before the end of the year and honestly, I'm not so sure we are ready, but I'm pretty sure you never are.

As a result, the crafts and hobbies I hoped to discuss are on the back burner sadly. The garden is basically non existent right now (Florida heat is too much for this momma). I still scrapbook but only using the phone app for project life, as I finally had to admit defeat. I don't really cook much due to our schedules either. I was doing well with the low carb/keto diet, but then that had to change too. I haven't found a groove yet, work and life is too busy right now- but when I do, I'm blogging the crap out of it!

Our "stay cation" wasn't too shabby!
I love those little (HUGE actually) feet!
This picture makes my heart happy

Happy Family Vacations are very different now, but very awesome.
So for now I'm just posting a few photos from the past year or so. Life is so different and so amazing, and so difficult. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Giving hugs to his sister

Happy living :)

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