Saturday, December 8, 2012

MY Project Life

So many of you have watched my youtube videos and asked a ton of questions about how I organize my Project Life albums, what products I use, etc. I've answered a lot of those questions on my videos but since this is a fresh start, I think I'll start from the beginning!

My albums:

Most of my albums are in a cabinet, the top shelf are the "old" way of scrapbooking and the larger albums are my project life albums.
All project life albums :)
Don't let this apparent organization fool you... all of these albums are unfinished. BUT- I am totally okay with that. And do you know why? Because those big black albums are all from the past three years. There are photos, journaling and memorabilia stashed in those albums that would otherwise be sitting in a huge Tupperware box to be gone through at "some" time in the future (I have been saying that for a few years now- one day I WILL go through that box!). 

I digress. Anyway, the top albums are from ALL THE YEARS PRIOR. Let's do the math on that one. 10 small unfinished albums covering roughly 25 years versus 6 (2012 albums not shown) very large albums covering the past 3 years? It's a no brainer. Project Life is the way to go for me. It literally has changed the way I scrapbook. 

The other bonus? It's WAY cheaper.. well if you want it to be. Here's some more math for you: that purplish album up top on the right? That's from my bachelorette weekend- I bought stickers, paper, adhesive, fancy letters, and all SORTS of blingy embellishments for that album- PLUS some Disney related papers (it was at downtown Disney), which were not cheap. Total cost, minus the album and photo printing? WELL over $100. I am not kidding, I promise. And this was only for a 3 day event. I dread working on that album now (yes, it's still unfinished) because it was done in the "old" way of scrapbooking, and it used to take me two hours just to finish one layout! Do you KNOW how many project life layouts I can get done in that period of time? Probably 10-15 depending if all my stuff is in the album already.

So that's my love of Project Life. I don't know Becky Higgins personally and I don't make any money off promoting her products. I just LOVE the fact that she has removed the overwhelming-down-in-your-gut feeling that I will never "catch up" on albums. I am admittedly a very simple scrapbooker, even when I did 12x12 layouts, they weren't very fancy. I realize my layouts will never be as pretty and inspiring as Ali Edwards, but that isn't my goal. My goal is to document my family life, and I am succeeding :) Thank you, Becky Higgins, I am forever grateful.

Happy crafting :)


  1. I'm new to your blog AND your YouTube channel, and I'm sure you answered this question, which I can not find the answer to! lol! Can you tell me where or who makes the black 3 ring sb binders you are using for your project life?
    I love them!
    Thank you!

    1. Welcome to the blog! The albums are made by Pioneer and can be found online on, and many others! So far I have seen them in black, brown and red. I absolutely love them :) Here is the amazon link address:

  2. Okay sweetie don't respond, you answered me over on fb...after I stalked you for about 30 minutes! lol!
    Great album, great price and holds a ton!