Friday, December 7, 2012

The Household Notebook

Ready for more total randomness? Thought so.

I try to stay organized. I have been much more successful at it since I learned about the benefits of a Household Notebook. It's basically a "go to" folder where you keep a little bit of everything. Our notebook contains shopping lists, price books, coupons, recipes and grocery money. Important phone numbers are in the back and our schedules are at the front. I am about to go grocery shopping, and went to, printed everything and just clipped it in the book, to be organized later if I want. The important thing is they are with me when I'm shopping! It has really saved me a lot of money with very little time invested!

I get all my notebook printables online from a great little website: Organized Home

I highly recommend this little book! It keeps me organized and helps me save money. Plus, it gives me reasons to buy more page protectors :) and what project lifer doesn't love that?

Happy crafting :)

The front of the notebook contains pens, scissors, a highlighter and grocery money

The shopping list is the section I go to most frequently for sure

I love this, but I'll admit I wish I used this more often- it would totally save me time when I go shopping! When I do use it, it's fabulous :)

The REAL money saver is right here! Everytime I go shopping, I add to this list (usually the more frequently purchased items only). When I can, I sit down and figure out what items are cheaper where! You can see I haven't had time to break down the prices yet :)
I put the most frequently used recipes in this book- very handy when I need the hubby to start dinner!

Used baseball card holders for manufacture coupons

I seriously love When I can, I cut out the coupons and arrange them by basic category (food, soaps, cleaning supplies, etc), then  tape them to a blank sheet of paper and slide into a sleeve.
This is what happens when I run out of time! Just punch holes and go shopping! Scissors in the front pouch and extra 8x10 sleeves to put leftovers

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