Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Keeping Up With Project Life

I'll admit it. I'm totally stressed out. I really want to hold out for the project life seafoam kits to come out, but it's already January 8th and I am getting impatient! I had a fleeting moment of thought that.. maybe I should just get the Olive Edition. No.. noooo.. I will wait :) And I will stalk amazon. Easy as that.

Anywhoo, I thought I would share my secret project life weapon. It's the thing that keeps me the MOST organized.... Ready? It's my iphone. Yes, I am that nerdy :) No- really, anyone with a smart phone realizes the power you hold in your hands! So what exactly do I DO with my phone that makes it a secret weapon? I found a great little BIG app and website called Evernote. Never heard of it? Let me introduce the two of you.

Enter the sleek and sophisticated Online version. Easy to navigate and edit. So great I even took photos of my favorite recipes and uploaded them so that I always have them to share with others!

Online Screen Shot of Evernote.

Now meet it's little sister, the mobile version. Sure, it's not as graceful, and a bit buggy. It's TOTALLY worth it in my book. Why? Because this little girl keeps me organized. You know those 15 minutes you spend in bed at night, checking emails, looking at facebook and cruising the net on your phone? I spend 5 of those entering my daily note. As you can see they are not that detailed- just a blurb reminding me of the day. I COULD add photos, but that's more complicated than I want to get right now. Plus you can't synchronize any files over 25mg unless you pay for the product.

Iphone screenshot
My VERY FAVORITE part of this app though? The ability to record a voice in a document. For example, January 1st I had an hour long commute to work. I hopped on evernote and started blabbing about new years resolutions, etc. Then I hit save. I didn't even have to type (which was good because I was driving). That feature alone has saved many of my project life weeks. I just go back, cringe as I listen to myself talk (why DO we sound so different in our own heads?) and jot down the days. Sometimes, when I am a few days behind, I will just start with "yesterday, (and give the date- you'll thank me for that one), we did this. the day before, we did this, and the day before that we did this. " I start losing track at about 5 days out, so I try to get something in everyday.

Iphone screenshot #2. Just in case you were wondering..
bad night= food poisoning. I'll spare the details.
Okay, I am totally not endorsed by evernote, but I want to share what works for me so that maybe it will help others! I really hope Becky Higgins makes an app, it would be much easier. In the meantime, Evernote is free. Try it out! (and bear with the weirdness of the mobile app- it's worth it)

Happy Journaling :)