Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project Life: Week 1

Although I haven't actually RECEIVED my Seafoam core kit- it's on it's way! In the meantime I was chomping at the bit to get started! I only had my Design A inserts, so I clipped a few pages at the end of my 2012 book and got some photos printed!

A side note, I found a great LOCAL printer and I'm so happy I did! I am very picky about photos and I HATE the quality of Walmart, SAMS and pharmacy based photo printing. They are always "off" in color- too red or green- yuck. I don't have a convenient COSTCO so I've always ordered online. Problem is, you have to pay shipping, and that adds up very quickly, so I'd always save my photos to be printed as one big lump, which always kept me behind in my album! Problem solved with this local printer. They have great quality and I can download my photos to them online and go pick them up the same day. So happy!

Back to week one. So, I have no core kit, so I decided to improvise. I plan to use September Blue's Weekly Numbers printouts (go to my Freebies link page to directly print them). So I just printed week one on cardstock and put it in my album. When my core kit arrives, I'll cut out the little circle and add it!. I also printed out findingnana's awesome Chevron 2 cards for a little decor. I will only use the pink one, the rest are just holding journal card places :)

Just a start to Week One's layout. Don't mind the glare!
Oh thank you, finding nana :)
I even got a little creative with the weekly numbers document. In photoshop, I altered it just a little to make a nice little birthday sentiment for a good friend :) 

Man it's hard to cut a perfect circle. I need to get a circle punch!
I also just ordered all my albums for this year. has them at the cheapest price, I paid $60 for three of them and that included shipping. They should be here any day now.

So that's it for now. I will absolutely update you when I get my core kit :)

Happy Crafting :)


  1. This post made me giggle a little for two reasons:
    1. My name is Krissy
    2. My birthday was last week ;)

    Have you tried walgreens for printing. I do realize you said you don't like pharmacy printing. I'm just as picky, but I've been using walgreens lately, and am quite happy with the turnout. It also helps that they have specials going on constantly. I print out a lot of photos every month, so I get a discount, which comes out to .10 a print! :)

    1. Happy Belated Birthday :) I have a great local printer, so I will likely never go back to pharmacy printing- it's too inconsistent for my picky palate. Thanks for the tip though- I say, do what works for you!

  2. You did a great job of improvising your cards. Even though I LOVE PL kits I love adding my own thing to them too.